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Some iPhone 6s users complaining about poor speaker quality

Seems like not all users are happy with Apple’s latest flagship device iPhone 6s. Some users are reporting that iPhone 6s speaker quality is not as good as previous generation iPhone’s. A recent Reddit post point out the frustration of a user who moved from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6s. According to the user, speaker of iPhone 6s is absolutely terrible. Various comments on the thread also points that 6S speaker is a step back from previous phones. Users reports that iPhone 6s speakers produce distortion when volume is set to maximum, which is not the case with previous generation iPhone’s.

Users are also taking on Apple support communities to express the frustration, one user reports that he got replaced the phone from apple store, and still the issue remains. Another user reports that  “I had the old iPhone 5 (not s or c) before and the speaker was clearer. I had just assumed that the 6s would be better quality since it’s two versions upgraded but it sounds bad, like distorting sound quality at a volume of 75% – which is louder than the iPhone 5 was, but distorting when the audio ‘peaks’. I listen to a lot of podcasts on speaker phone and the quality was definitely better on the 5

Another user reports “The 6 has the best speaker out of the 3. It is very loud, clear, and crispy. The 6S sounds crispy but not nearly as loud. the 6S+ sounds HORRID! The trebel is gone and there is no bass on either of the 6S’ now compared to the 6. I am a music producer and engineer and knew right away that there was a difference. This is so ridiculous.”

It is not clear what exactly is reason for this speaker issue which user are reporting.

We have reported this issue to Apple. We will keep you updated about this.

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