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What to expect from Apple’s upcoming Flagship iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus

When it comes to smartphones Apple iPhone has always been the golden standard.Every year Cupertino tech giant announces new upgrades to iPhone.This year tech world is eagerly waiting for Apple’s upcoming iPhone upgrades.So our team has decided to write an article about our expectation from Apple about next flagship iPhone.We will be covering every aspect of the iPhone.If Apple follows the tradition,the next generation iPhone will be named as iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus.

1. Design

Since this is the ‘s’ version upgrade,we believe Apple will follow the same design of existing iPhone6/6 Plus.So iPhone 6s will have the 4.7 inches display & iPhone 6s Plus will have 5.5 inches display with seamless integration between front glass and aluminum back.The important thing to note here is that Apple will slightly tweak the aluminum with more durable version in order to fix the bend-gate,which affected many users. Aluminum series 7000 will be used as build material for iPhone 6s/6s Plus.Apple used same material in Apple Watch sport, and they claimed its around 60% stronger than most aluminum & density is just one third of stainless-steel.So we can finally say that Cupertino team will acknowledge the bend-gate with the perfect material.

2. Force Touch Technology

Apple will be implementing Force Touch technology in iPhone 6s/6s Plus. For users who dont know what force touch is, it allows whole new way of interaction.Force touch will add new dimension to user interface. Apple watch is the first device to have this feature and obviously upcoming iPhone’s most important marketing point will Force Touch technology.It opens a whole new world for developers.Imagine playing games like Infinity blade with force touch technology,in which if you deep press, it activates a new weapons to attack the enemies.Also iOS 9 which comes preloaded with iPhone 6s /6s Plus will be fully optimized for force touch technology.We believe force touch will be biggest advancement since Multi-Touch.We cant wait for developers magic using force touch technology.

3. Improved Touch ID

When Apple introduced Touch ID back in 2013 with iPhone 5s,its only use was unlocking the lock-screen and to authorize app purchases with fingerprint.But clearly this is not the case now.Apple has opened Touch ID API to developers in last year WWDC, after that we have seen plenty of 3rd party apps providing support to Touch ID.It is important to note here that Apple Pay,which is apple’s wireless payment method take advantage of Touch ID.So from unlocking the lock-screen to Apple Pay payment authorization Touch ID is the most used part of iPhone.So we believe apple will upgrade the Touch ID sensor in upcoming iPhone 6s/6s Plus allowing users to use Touch ID in a fraction of second and by improving the fingerprint accuracy.

4. Camera

Perhaps,this is the most important thing about iPhone 6s/6s Plus.Apple iPhone has always been used by millions of users for taking decent photos.If you look at statistics from popular photo sharing websites like Flickr,most photos comes from iPhone than any other smartphones.If you look at Apple’s iPhone road map,you can observe that Apple seriously considered about camera technology from iPhone 4 onwards.After that we have seen company tweaking camera every year with adjustment in lens and aperture and with flash technique.Its a fact that Apple has been using a 8MP shooter for last 5 years ( from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6/6 Plus).While the rivals was chasing for mega pixel for marketing,Apple proved us one thing,”when it comes to picture quality optics is only thing that matter,not the mega pixel”.We have even seen numerous articles from tech reporters that iPhone 4s (2011 model) is far better than most smartphone company’s 2014 flagship.

Before talking about iPhone 6s/6s Plus camera technology,its important to note that Apple hired Nokia Lumia camera expert Ari Partinen back in 2014.If you dont know who Ari Partinen is, he is the master brain behind Nokia’s most appreciated Pure View camera technology.He left Nokia back in May 2014.We believe that his first major project at Apple will be building  camera technology for  iPhone 6s/6s Plus.So upcoming iPhone will have the biggest advancements in camera technology.12MP rear camera with cutting edge lens technology,advanced aperture and pixel system,cupertino tech giant will finally compete with DSLR camera.

The reason why Apple acquired LinX computational Imaging will be clear from iPhone 6s/6s Plus.LinX is best know for their advanced camera technology which helps to identify depth of fields in a single image.So iPhone 6s/6s Plus will be the biggest camera technology advancements.With iPhone 6s/6s Plus,2015 will be the year finally you can ditch DSLR for pro-photography.

5. Hardware

When it comes to iPhone hardware,Apple iPhone has always been the golden standards in benchmark.Similar to mega pixel chase,while most rivals boast about octacore processor,apple proved us that cores in processor doesn’t matter unless its optimized.iPhone 5s to iPhone 6(A7 to A8 chip), apple’s claim was 25% increase in performance.We believe iPhone 6s/6s Plus will sport 3rd generation A9 64bit desktop class processor with 2GB LPDD4 RAM.It is important to note here that iPhone 6s/6s Plus will be first iPhone to sport 2gb ram.Our team believe that iPhone 6s/6s plus will be first iPhone to support split-screen multitasking,which will be main feature of upcoming iOS 9 which will be announcing at WWDC this June.With double the ram memory than previous gen,we can expect smooth multitasking capability in iOS 9. It is unclear whether Apple will debut split screen multitasking as iPhone 6s/6s Plus exclusive or will it be available in current gen iPhone’s/iPad.So Apple’s customs silicon A9 will be capable of console level game-play,high-end graphics rendering capability,butter smooth multitasking,smoothy animations & of-course with better power consumption to tweak battery backup.

Next update in hardware is slightly tweaked microphone.We expect Apple will add one more microphone.This is will be extremely helpful in apps like SIRI and songs identifications apps like Shazam.

6.Storage Capacity

This might be the undisclosed topic so far regarding iPhone 6s/6s Plus.We have read many negative reviews about 16gb base model,where user barely gets 12gb for usage.This is the case in most smartphones.The fact is that many 16gb iPhone users cant even perform iOS software updates over the air.iPhone requires at-least 3-4gb free space to perform major software update,and around 1-2gb for minor software updates.So that fact is that most 16gb users cant perform software updates because of lack of usage space.Its unclear whether with iOS 9 Apple software team is developing some sort compressed version of OTA update which requires less space on users phone for installing OTA updates.

Will Apple ditch 16gb base model with iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus..? Paying 649$ for a iPhone which comes with 12gb usable space is not at all enough these days.I guess apple will finally ditch 16gb base-model.

So this years iPhone lineup will be

32gb iPhone 6s-199$(contract)-649$(unlocked)        32gb 6s Plus-299$-749$

64gb iPhone 6s-299$(contract)-749$(unlocked)        64gb 6s Plus-399$-849$

128gb iPhone 6s-399$(contract)-849$(unlocked)      128gb 6s Plus-499$-949$

(Please note this is just my point of prediction,FYI Apple has never introduced a 32gb base model iPhone)…Lets wait..

7. Color

iPhone 6s/6s Plus will comes in Silver,Gold,Space grey & Rose gold finish.

8. Release Date

By September 2015 we can expect next generation iPhone’s.Its comes preloaded with Apple’s iOS 9 which will be announcing at June 2015 as beta version,followed by public release after 3 months.

Thanks for reading my article. We will keep you updated about upcoming news/rumors.If you have any doubts regarding this articles ,feel free to contact me via zaheenhafzer (at) yahoo (dot) in

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